Touring grade Laser Systems in Technical Riders - which lasers to spec

In the high-stakes realm of professional event production, the technical rider is a key document, meticulously detailing the equipment and logistics needed to create a spectacular show. Among the most crucial elements for a visually stunning presentation are touring grade laser systems, which must be carefully chosen and specified in the technical rider to ensure they meet the demands of touring and provide the desired visual effects.

lasers for technical rider

Laserworld Purelight Series: These touring grade lasers are designed for robustness and high output, making them ideal for large-scale events. The Purelight Series offers a range of power options, from moderate to extremely high outputs, ensuring versatility for various event sizes. Their reliable performance and durability make them a staple in technical riders for events that require consistent, high-quality light shows.

tarm Series: The tarm lasers are renowned for their precision and superior beam quality. These touring grade lasers are especially suited for events that require intricate graphical projections or where beam visibility is paramount. The tarm series' advanced technology allows for crisp, clear projections, even over long distances, making them a frequent choice in technical riders for professional tours and high-end corporate events.

RTI PIKO Series: Compact and powerful, the RTI PIKO Series represents the cutting edge in laser technology. These touring grade lasers are particularly valued for their balance of size and performance, making them easy to transport and set up, a crucial aspect for touring. The PIKO series is known for its wide range of colors and high-speed modulation, ideal for dynamic, eye-catching light shows.

LaserAnimation PHAENON Accurate Series: These touring grade lasers are celebrated for their exceptional accuracy and color fidelity. The PHAENON Accurate series is designed for applications where precision and quality of the visual output are critical. They offer advanced scanning technology and superior color mixing, making them a top choice in technical riders for theater productions, concerts, and multimedia installations.

LaserAnimation PHAENON XD Series: The PHAENON XD lasers are known for their robust build and versatile performance. As touring grade equipment, they are built to withstand the rigors of the road, ensuring consistent operation in various environments. Their versatility in terms of control options and projection capabilities make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from concerts to outdoor festivals.

RTI NANO Series: The RTI NANO RGB 150, part of the RTI NANO Series, is a powerhouse in the world of touring grade lasers. These lasers are designed for the highest power output, delivering extraordinary brightness and exceptional beam quality. They are particularly suited for large-scale outdoor events and major festivals where powerful, long-range beam effects are desired. The NANO Series' reliability and high performance make them a must-have in technical riders for grand-scale productions.

RTI ANGO Systems: The RTI ANGO Systems are an advanced choice for professional laser shows, combining power, precision, and artistic versatility. These touring grade lasers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing for creative and complex light designs. The ANGO series' unique features, such as their range of wavelengths and high-speed scanning systems, make them ideal for innovative and high-impact light shows, often specified in technical riders for cutting-edge tours and avant-garde events.

In summary, a comprehensive technical rider for a professional event must detail a selection of touring grade laser systems, encompassing the Laserworld Purelight, tarm, RTI PIKO, LaserAnimation PHAENON Accurate, PHAENON XD Series, RTI NANO, and RTI ANGO Systems. These touring grade products are chosen not only for their visual impact but also for their reliability, versatility, and suitability for the unique challenges of touring. They are essential in achieving the high standards expected in professional event production, ensuring that each show is not only visually stunning but also seamlessly executed.