Spider Laser Game - Laser Maze

Many different things that can be done with laser lights in theme parks, but Laserworld released a new type of laser game adventure – the laser maze "Spider Laser Game"
It is an attraction that can be played by both children and adults - and thus is perfectly suitable for all different kinds of theme parks or leisure centers.

The game setup is constructed like in the movies where a treasure needs to be found - but it is guarded by laser beams that raise an alarm when interrupted. The game has different levels of difficulty, so children and adults can play differently. The intelligent backend structure helps by providing static, moving and randomized laser beams.

The game requires the players to snake through the many laser beams without touching them. At the end of the parcours, that can even be set over several rooms ("levels"), the player reaches the goal and hits the finish-button.
Different laser colours make the game appear different and can be adapted per level or situation, so different ambiences arise. Even moving laser beams can be done!

An example setup could have 3 zones with different missions:

Zone 1: Green Zone Laser Maze

The player must reach the "treasure" at the end of the room by snaking around the green laser light beams that fill the room. Crawling on the floor, stepping or even jumping over helps in passing the laser light beams. If a laser beam is touched, the alarm sets off.

Zone 2: Blue Zone Laser Maze

The laser beams aim upwards from the bottom to the ceiling and the player must try to "grab" as many of them as possible in a certain timeframe. After that the next zone is released.

Zone 3: Red Zone Laser Maze

Jump or duck – the moving beams are controlled randomly and the player has to snake through. The longer the game, the more beams appear.

Of course many different combinations are possible and the technical installation can be extended further.

Additional sound effects and special lighting as well as fog are used to push the emotional appearance of the game. People waiting in front of the gaming area see the players inside the three rooms on screens mounted to the wall in the entry zone.

This kind of laser maze game brings effects out of movies to reality – and everybody can experience them.

Find more details on: http://www.spider-lasergame.com

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